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Leslie Hollander is the Pastry Specialist/Owner of Sugar Up , Sugar! -a small local pastry business originating in Great Falls, Virginia. She is known for her creative flavor combinations (see below)  ,sugar flowers and the ability to make your experience like dealing with a family friend.  Everything is scratch-made from quality ingredients and chef tested recipes.  Leslie is a native of Pittsburgh, PA and wound up in the DC area via New York,  Chicago, and London.  Her first career was as a professional actress. After leaving a long stint at the Kennedy Center, she decided to take her artistry in a different direction. Being a believer in learning your craft, she went to culinary school at L'Academie de Cuisine; graduating first in her class. She has had experience in both bakeries and restaurants. She has studied with such pastry superstars as Colette Peters and Maggie Austin. She has worked under a James Beard award winning chef.  She has baked for TV shows and television executives. She has also worked with sommeliers and tea specialists to create chocolate pairings, most recently at L’auberge Chez Francois. Leslie has also been featured in the New York Times article about wedding cakes.  Leslie's love of sweets, art and flavor ;combined with her philosophy that food should be an experience that creates memories is the passion behind her food.  Leslie's goal is to make your treats reflect and enhance the memories you aim to create for the people attending your event ; whether it is a business open house, child's birthday party or your very special wedding day.


Some of our many flavors:

Salted Rosemary 

Lavender Coconut

Thyme Lemon

Peach, Bourbon & Black Tea 

Blood Orange & Port 

Cranberry, Port & Pecan

Fig, Apple & Walnut 

Tangerine ,Red Chili & Clove

Olive Oil Thyme 


Herbs de Provence 


Curry Peach Coconut 

Chocolate Bourbon 

Chocolate Guinness 

Hot Pepper 

Cardamom Plum Chutney 

Smoky Maple 

Pistachio Black Raspberry 

Cardamom Coffee Honey

Chocolate  Basil 

Chai Spruce 

Salted Caramel

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Great Falls, VA 22066

sugarupsugar@gmail.com  |  Tel: 703-675-9097



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A note about pricing:  Everything I do is personalized to your tastes. So, pricing can vary greatly.  Most of my customers trust me enough to share with me their price range.  I can then design the pastry to fit the budget. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me about your project.  And more often than not, we can make it work! (When it comes to cakes, I will say that a Basic 8" cake with Italian Meringue Buttercream starts at $65.00. Decor and additional components  will affect pricing. )

A note about ordering: We are usually booked  2 weeks in advance.We will try to accommodate last minute orders but it is best to reach out with as much advanced notice as possible

A note about response time: We will do our best to respond to all inquiries within 24-48 hours. Thank you!