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This week at the market:

November 18

  • Homemade Cranberry orange sauce

  • Bourbon Chocolate cupcakes 

  • Chocolate Whoopi pies 

  • Chocolate caramel coconut bombe 

  • Fresh raspberry danish 

  • Chocolate Pie 

  • Bon bons- olive oil marshmallow/PB/PB caramel and crushed peanuts /Caramelized chocolate shells with caramel filling /Chai stroop waffle /white choc -orange with candied orange zest 

  • arge bon bons :PB&J, chai speculoos /basil /coffee  / pumpkin fudge 

  • Truffle-chai speculoos stroop waffle /basil 

  • Fudge-Nutella Brazil candied orange zest fudge/Gingerbread swirl fudge/

  • Pumpkin fudge with candied pecans and white choc chips 

  • Turkey Oreo pops 

  • Salted caramels  

  • Rice krispy treats 

  • Honeycomb

  • Macarons -lemon curd and buttercream 

  • Cake truffles -chocolate/chocolate fig-light drizzle /lemon/pumpkin 

  • Reece’s cup cookies 

  • Kitchen sink cookie -chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, chocolate cookie pieces, pecans, pretzels, and potato chips 

  • Mother Nature cookie  -cranberries, walnuts, raisins, honey, and coconut 

  • M&M  cookies

  • s’mores cookie 

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